Biryani Shop Software

Increase the sales & revenue of your Biryani restaurant with Restroworks’ comprehensive cloud-based biryani
shop software & management system


Unique Features for Biryani Shops

Restroworks provides an array of features for Biryani Shops to maximize the operational efficiency and boost the customer engagement!

Online Ordering

Accept Online Orders from multiple Online Ordering Channels. All orders are accepted directly at the POS, thus eliminating the hassle of manually adding the online ordering data to the POS at the end of each day.


Central Kitchen Management

Maintain high standards of taste and quality in your food. Keep a track of the stock requirements for multiple outlets, and manage them centrally from one place.


Delivery Module

View the checked-in status of the Delivery Boys and assign orders to them based on their availability. Track the real-time location of the Delivery Boys through GPS tracking.



CRM Integration

Automatically update customer data from multiple sources into the central CRM. Run customer specific SMS, email campaigns and run custom Loyalty Program offers for better engagement.

Loyalty Program Integration

Run point-based or visit-based Loyalty Programs based on your restaurant type. Create outlet specific offers or launch regional Loyalty Programs that can be run across multiple outlets effortlessly.

Cloud Telephony

Accept telephonic orders without any hassles. In case the first line is busy, the call gets automatically transferred to the next available line, until the call is accepted. View the call logs of all orders and the time spent to accept each order.


“Seeing the scalability Restroworks offers your brand, I believe I have made the right choice. Using Restroworks we’ve been able to Navtara to the next level”

Aditya T

Managing Partner  |  Navtara

Recipe Management

  • Maintain consistency across all your outlets through Recipe Management
  • Use a Standard Recipe across all outlets to deliver the same taste throughout
  • The Centralized Module instantly reflects any changes made in the Recipe across all outlets

Food Costing

  • Keep your Food Costs in check through Restroworks’ Food Costing Module
  • Calculate your total Food Cost incurred in a day
  • Compare the Actual Food Cost versus the Ideal Food Cost by calculating the Variance

Enterprise Module

  • Get complete control over your Biryani business by centrally managing all outlets
  • View and analyze detailed reports through centralized reporting and analytics
  • Compare outlet level sales and performance for a deeper understanding of your business


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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