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Restroworks: Unveiling a Unified Restaurant Technology Platform

As you read this, you might notice our new logo, a blazing new set of colors, a new website, and an entirely new look. This change isn’t just about our new logo. It marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to reflect on what Posist stood for and what we represent today as we move forward into a new journey with our newly formed brand- Restroworks.

A Look Back in Time

Posist, established in 2012 by Ashish and Sakshi, originated from their firsthand experience in running a restaurant. They identified a gap in the market: many F&B businesses lacked access to technology for efficient restaurant operations, particularly in areas of visibility and real-time access to critical operational data. As successful tech entrepreneurs, they developed a browser-based Point of Sale (POS) system tailored for restaurants at a time when cloud technology was still emerging in the industry. This solution was designed to enable restaurant operators to effortlessly monitor and control their store operations in real-time, without the complexities of traditional systems and investing in legacy tech products back in the day.

Since its inception, we’ve evolved into the full-stack cloud platform for restaurant technology, serving brands across multiple formats and sizes around the globe.

Why the change?

Over the past decade, we’ve experienced fantastic growth, and Posist has become a well-known product in the Restaurant POS segment. The brand name was easily understood within the restaurant industry. Posist, akin to how a dental specialist is called a dentist, signified our specialization in point-of-sale (POS) systems.

During this journey, our product evolved from a POS system to a full stack of 18 products. This expansion included features for the entire operational suite, covering Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Analytics, and Digital Ordering. As we expanded our product line, a realization settled within the company and among our customers and industry peers: we had grown much more significant than just a POS provider. 

Voila! At this moment, we knew a change was needed.

Almost a decade since our inception, we are making this bold move to reinvent and reaffirm our commitment to restaurant technology with our new brand – Restroworks.

However, with this change, we also realize that the power to reinvent on our terms comes with the great responsibility- to build a brand that resonates with our customers while promising a better future than today. With this, we’re excited to unveil the new era of Restaurant Technology. 

There are 4 big reasons behind our decision to rebrand and how this new look and feel has translated across our product.

  1. Making 10x commitment to Restaurant Tech

The evolution of our brand from Posist to Restroworks marks a significant milestone in our journey. While Posist was synonymous with Point of Sale systems, Restroworks represents a broader vision. The new name, combining ‘Restro’ with ‘works,’ signifies our comprehensive embrace of the restaurant industry. It’s not just a rebranding; it’s a pledge to provide an integrated suite of products that address every aspect of restaurant technology. This name change is a testament to our commitment to serving the global restaurant industry, offering holistic solutions that propel the entire sector forward.

By adopting the name Restroworks, we are reinforcing our dedication to being at the forefront of restaurant technology innovation. It’s a clear message that we aim to do more than just participate in the industry—we’re here to lead and shape its future. Our focus remains steadfast on developing cutting-edge technology for restaurants around the world, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the industry’s growth and success.

Restroworks, a fusion of ‘Restro’ and ‘works,’ symbolizes our embrace of the entire restaurant universe. It’s not just a name, but a promise to deliver a comprehensive suite of products that work seamlessly together, addressing every facet of restaurant technology. This new identity reflects our dedication to providing holistic solutions, ensuring that we are not just a part of the restaurant tech industry, but a driving force shaping its future.

  1. Turning a Unified Platform Vision into Reality 

We wanted to create a stronger connection between our company name — Restroworks— and our products. While many people are familiar with Posist, only a few know it belongs to a bigger story.

We’ve come a long way since launching our first product- Posist, a Front-of-house POS software, to a unified cloud-based technology platform, including a Back-of-House tech stack for stock & inventory management, Insights and Analytics, Digital Ordering solutions to a Kitchen suite of products for restaurants of all formats and sizes.

Posist has become a critical component of our broader cloud-based platform for restaurants to create a better future. That connection was difficult to tell with just one tool, but since that will be changing in the coming time as we develop new product lines, making the bigger move now made more sense.

Watch our vision for the future of restaurants.
  1. Refreshing our Communication and Website

When we began this endeavor, our website was a few years old. While that’s not ancient when it comes to the web, it required fresh communication, navigation and user experience to represent the holistic view of our platform and individual product messaging. This needed to be reworked or completely overhauled. And when that level of work is required, it’s often better to start fresh.

There was a point where we considered keeping the previous branding and simply updating the website. But it wasn’t long before we realized everything needed to be completely refreshed. Thus we have the new website live today in a completely new avatar.

  1. Creating New Opportunities

This key turning point in our journey helped us align our board with our strategy. It also gave us the confidence to take on more challenges and open our ambitions to create new opportunities for our customers, partners, team members, and the industry at large of what we can bring on board as a tech company.

Some Things Won’t Change.

Behind this all-new look, we are still the same company and people, but now a larger and more talented team with a global outlook, ready to serve restaurants to attain prosperity and be a partner in their growth story.

We’re thankful to our teams, partners, and customers who have accompanied us in our growth. We owe this one to all of you.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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