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NCR Aloha and Oracle MICROS Simphony
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Why Leading Restaurants Prefer Restroworks over NCR Aloha

Taco Bell logo
Earlier the stock management tool that we were using didn’t show us the data in real-time, it used to take one full day to fetch that data. With Restroworks, we can check this data in real time, which helps us to place orders for raw materials efficiently.
Sumit Arora

IT Head, Taco Bell India

Cafe Bateel logo
“The rollout of Restroworks into our restaurant division has been seamless. We feel we are now better equipped to embrace the digital and omni-channel world, now that we have partnered with Restroworks.”
Duncan Muir

Senior Director – F&B and Retail, Café Bateel

Nandos Logo
Having been in the industry for 20 years in this field, I know how hard it is to make the software work as per your requirements. It takes years to get a custom feature rollout. But with Restroworks, the custom requirements take only a few weeks. It has made our lives much easier.
Arun Gopi

IT Manager, Nando’s UAE

Belgian Waffle Co logo
The best platform to manage all restaurant POS in one place. Very user-friendly and easily operative software. Provides all types of required data and reports in real-time that helps a lot in analyzing the growth and sales of the restaurants.
Shrey Aggarwal

Founder, The Belgian Waffle Co.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the ideal POS for your restaurant involves various considerations, including budget, restaurant size and format, as well as ease of use and familiarity with the UI. Restroworks excels in adaptability and customization, making it a versatile solution for all your needs.

Legacy platforms have very specific hardware requirements which means you have to buy expensive hardware for implementation, all customizations and upgrades are also expensive. Restroworks is hardware agnostic, meaning you don't need to purchase specific hardware to implement Restroworks. You can run Restroworks on any iOS, Android or web browser.

Unlike other platforms, Restroworks offers more than a thousand settings and a fully customizable interface to suit any restaurant and its requirements. Additionally, Restroworks has created an online academy to train all frontline staff with all of the features and modules through this self-learning tool.

Purchasing, shipping and installation of legacy platform’s hardware can take several weeks. However for Restroworks, after an initial study of the restaurant's current set-up, the maximum onboarding time for even the largest franchises is not more than 2 weeks.

By virtue of Restroworks' cloud-based, hardware-agnostic nature, and through the use of the Restroworks academy, almost all implementations are done remotely. Our team members will also be available on-site in a heartbeat should the need arise. Customers also get full transparency on the status of the implementation process through the Restroworks Onboarding tool.

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