K-Hospitality improves operational efficiency by 70% across its sub-brands

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About K-Hospitality

K Hospitality is India’s largest privately held food and beverage organization with presence in India and overseas that brings exceptional expertise to deliver solutions and experiences across all consumer touch points within the food and beverage services sector.

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“Restroworks is a technical leader in the restaurant POS industry. Before moving to Restroworks in 2017, we were using a traditional POS which had a lot of limitations and was much costlier to maintain. Our manpower requirement for software maintenance dropped drastically after moving to Restroworks.”
Siddharth Laskar – Head of IT Department, K-Hospitality
The Problem
High IT maintenance cost and data silos across sub-brands.
Restaurant staff trying to manage reports
Restaurant staff doing inventory management
The Solution
Restroworks enterprise module became their go-to technology stack within a month of its implementation. The team at K-Hospitality saw a significant uplift in productivity and leveraged better ways to run operations across their outlets.