How Sbarro uses Restroworks to increase transparency and operational efficiency

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About Sbarro

Known for its Original XL New York-style pizza and fresh ingredients, Sbarro is a US-based 6th largest pizza chain in the world and 4th largest pizza chain in India.

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"No matter where I am in the world, I don’t have to call anyone to get the real-time updates on stock inventory anymore. The managers on my team, and I are always on top of our operations. We have elevated customer experience and operations at Sbarro with this information."
Akshay Balwani, Director of Business Development, Upper Crust Foods Pvt. Ltd
The Problem
Poor visibility into the back-of-house operations
Kebab shop staff in the kitchen
Restaurant staff using point of sale interface
The Solution
For everything from forecasting, to back-of-house operations, and online order management, Restroworks’s platform helps Sbarro India zero in on better planning and management.
Restaurant staff using point of sale interface </