Fast Casual Restaurant Management System

Assign orders more efficiently, manage deliveries with ease, and keep your customers coming back.


POS that’s quick enough to match the speed of your fast-casual

With Restroworks’s fast-casual restaurant management system, your fast-casual restaurant can collect and fulfill orders efficiently, from any source including online ordering, aggregators, kiosk, or drive-thrus.

Point of Sale

Our restaurant POS is built for speed. From fast order entry to back-of-house operations, every tool helps your team move faster.

Intelligent Menu

View the best-selling items in the POS menu. The items change automatically as per the demand of the dish, and also help the Servers and Cashiers to upsell them.


Online Ordering

Get complete control of your online orders and customer data. Reduce your dependency on third parties with a strong online presence.


Kitchen Management

Empower your staff with powerful KDS devices, so they can fire orders to the kitchen from the front house with speed and accuracy.

Inventory Control

Keep a track of the stock requirements of your fast casual restaurant. Set reorder levels and set reminders to order, so that you never run out of an item.

Integrated CRM

Data captured from multiple sources is automatically updated at the CRM. Create targeted SMS & email campaigns and Loyalty Program offers for maximum customer engagement.

“I recommend Restroworks for its flexibility and constant support that cares. The turn-around time for technical support is critical for our team and Restroworks does a great job of it.”

Sumit Arora

IT Head  | Taco Bell India

Quick Turn Around Time

  • Increase efficiency & improve Table Turnaround Time of your restaurant
  • Process more orders quickly, without any hassles
  • Take orders instantly through the Server App 
  • Let your customers order and pay at the table through handheld devices
  • Speed up your kitchen operations through integrated Kitchen Display System


    Deliver Customer Delight

    • Keep your customers happy by providing them with exceptional customer service
    • Gather feedback from your customers easily through the Feedback App
    • Engage with your customers by sending them regular updates
    • Connect with your customers by sending them personalized greetings & offers

      Keep Check on Pilferage

      • Control Thefts & Pilferage at your restaurant with Restroworks’s Anti-Theft software
      • Keep a track of your inventory through the Stock In & Stock Out feature in the dashboard
      • View the variance in the Stock at the end of each day
      • Create roles & permissions for each task
      • Monitor discounts given by restaurant staff to identify variance


      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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