Front of house platform for enterprise-grade efficiency and control

Enable your staff to focus on delivering a stellar guest experience. 

Coffee shop staff using point of sale system
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Restaurant POS

POS system built for the ambitions of global restaurant chains

Embrace seamless restaurant operations with Restroworks’ unified POS software, featuring an intuitive interface that empowers your team to execute tasks efficiently. Seamlessly integrate across every channel, from on-premise dining to takeout and deliveries, ensuring a cohesive experience for your guests. Our scalable point-of-sale solution adapts effortlessly to restaurants of all sizes, formats, and growth ambitions. 

View of the Restroworks point of sale screen

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View of the Restroworks Tablet ordering system

Tablet Ordering

Navigate rush hours with ease

Empower your servers to accept orders directly from tablets, mobile devices, and POS terminals, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Orders are instantly transmitted to the kitchen, minimizing delays and keeping your guests satisfied. Leverage customer ordering history and preferences to personalize service and deliver a remarkable dining experience.

Table Layout

Visualize floor plans with table layout

Elevate your restaurant’s table management with Restroworks’ intuitive table layout feature. Seamlessly create, edit, and assign tables, sections, and servers with just a few clicks. Track the real-time status of each table, including occupied, vacant, reserved, or split, ensuring optimal table turnover and revenue maximization.

View of the Restroworks Table layout feature
View of the Restroworks Customer order display

Customer Order Display

Elevate customer engagement with our order displays

Revolutionize the dining experience and elevate customer engagement with Restroworks’ innovative customer-facing screens. These dynamic displays transform order confirmations, promotions, and CRM interactions into engaging visual experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.