Restaurant Management Platform for Growth at Scale

Join 18,000+ restaurants using Restroworks’ unified restaurant technology platform 
to operate seamlessly and deliver exceptional guest experiences.


The best restaurants pride themselves on having consistency in the menu, service, and taste.
Our platform is custom-built to
empower restaurants to achieve
consistency with a singular view of their operations.

Architect for The Future

In a highly dynamic, ever-evolving restaurant space, our platform keeps up with the evolution of the restaurant industry while striving to stay ahead of it.

  • We’ve built a unique architecture designed for multi-chain restaurants. Our  BFCD: Brand, Format, Cluster, Deployment architecture enables a unique & versatile multi-dimensional view of the business to drive growth, profitability & efficiencies.

  • We release hundreds of features and improvements each month to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.


  • Cloud-first design helps us navigate new use cases and evolve features with a release cycle every 15 days while maintaining a single version of our stack that runs across different OS & Hardware.

Built for Scale

Restroworks processes almost 80 million orders annually across 18k+ restaurants in 50+ countries. As the industry evolves, restaurants need a flexible, robust, and scalable platform.

  • Our systems operate with 99.99% uptime and are highly scalable. Restroworks is certified to the highest compliance standards.


  • We’re 100%  hardware-agnostic. That means we can run smoothly on any device, so you don’t need to incur heavy expenses on upgrading the hardware. 


  • Our workflows are designed to run your restaurants efficiently and consistently across outlets.  We are integrated with leading ERP systems and third-party applications to enable data flow across all touchpoints from the front of the house back of the house to everything in between.

With Restroworks, we now have better control over every piece of our business to operate with higher efficiency and deliver exceptional dining experiences to our guests.

Venkata Pentapati

CFO – Food Quest Restaurants Management LLC.

Code for Success

Restroworks cloud-based platform empowers teams with end-to-end control, security, and visibility of their operations across the front to the back of the house.

  • Our solution is uniquely coded, enabling us to navigate market shifts ensuring operators achieve scale.


  • We’ve built our APIs to make integrations & data flow seamlessly in your backend. Restaurants can easily connect with any third-party tech to our POS systems, cutting the implementation times by half.


  • We’ve solved the challenges of the legacy systems by processing thousands of events within seconds to downstream APIs so that there is zero downtime and you can continue to focus on serving great food.

Remove Data Silos

Our secure & open API makes third-party integrations speak to each other seamlessly, helping you remove the data silos in your organization.

  • Central reporting and forecasting give a 360-degree view of outlet-level performance across brands and locations.


  • The Restroworks Marketplace offers a  robust platform with over 400+ integrations with global food aggregators, payment gateways, accounting, employee scheduling, logistics partners, and more. 


  • Restroworks empowers your Management, IT, Operations, and Front-line staff to be aligned and make more informed decisions by putting valuable customer insights, inventory data, menu performance, and analytics into action.

Security & Compliance

As businesses increasingly record and use customer data, we assure that your data is secure with Restroworks — we adhere to global standards of data privacy and security.

  • Our unified cloud-based platform empowers teams with end-to-end control, safety, and visibility of their operations across the front to the back of the house.

  • Restroworks is hosted on the highest standard and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, keeping your data secure.


  • We keep our network safe and secure against unauthorized access. We have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance (QA) engineers who continuously test our features, identify any potential risks, and resolve them. 

Enterprise Support

Our unified cloud-based platform empowers teams with end-to-end control, security, and visibility of their operations across the front to the back of the house.

  • 24 x 7 always-on global support helps restaurants dramatically reduce IT support and maintenance costs that otherwise are an add-on expense with legacy software. 


  • Our teams bring technical expertise in implementation and support for restaurants of all sizes, scale, and formats.

Simple yet powerful

Simplify the user interface and experience to focus on guest delight instead of mundane tasks.

  • If you have multiple outlets in one location or multiple locations in different regions. With Restroworks, you can manage entire ops from your head office- front of house, inventory, integrations, and more.

  • Restroworks can positively impact your bottom line by saving on time-consuming training. Our simple and clean UI makes it a pleasure for front-line team members to use our products.