Make your staff your brand

Restroworks helps you set up a team in sync with your operation.
Manage shifts, streamline payroll, optimize labor costs, and more.

Optmize your restaurant staff performance

  • Save your time on unwanted tasks  with a user-friendly interface that requires no special training to use
  • Create optimized team schedule, so you don’t have to spend hours manually scheduling
  • Integrate with employee scheduling software and reduce time spent on manual tasks
  • Your team will love how easy it is to use Restroworks. Staff can switch shifts in in a few taps, while management can track staff activity from anywhere
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“Our experience with Restroworks has been excellent. The platform is user-friendly,  offers amazing support, their 24x 7 team is always available to help and resolve any issues. Restroworks fulfills every requirements of fast growing chain like ours.”

Jen Paglan

Under 500  |  UAE

Improve productivity,integrate payroll and reward programs

  • Let your waiters accept orders readily with the help of the server app and push them directly to the POS
  • Reduce table turnaround time by saving time at each step of order processing
  • Recognize and reward top performing staff based on performance metrics
  • Personalize interactions with guests, let waiters view the customer details through CRM, and suggest other items based on the ordering history

Discover how easy it is to accelerate your digital transformation with Restroworks

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