Restroworks named ‘Momentum Leader’ for Restaurant Management Software by G2

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Restroworks, a global leader in cloud-based restaurant technology platforms, has been recognized as one of the Momentum leaders in the G2 Fall 2021 Grid® Report for Restaurant Management Software and Restaurant POS categories.


Momentum Score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and real-user review data G2 has deemed influential in determining a company’s momentum.


The G2 ranking considers several factors buyers should consider, including product attributes, product’s market presence, customer satisfaction, G2 Net Promoter Score®, and the quality of reviews. The rating and studies in the fall report provide a holistic description of the benefits of Restroworks’ platform.



Here are a few of the recent customer reviews on G2 which got our attention:


“There was very little training required before we started using the system, and the Restroworks team was available and quick to address teething issues.”

“Very easy to handle the software, and also customer service is excellent as we are
getting 24*7 Support.”

“The Cockpit App is a gem; it allows us to easily access reports on our mobile devices.”


Thank You! We appreciate receiving such encouraging feedback from our users.


Restroworks has pushed the boundaries of restaurant technology to new levels by enabling restaurants to serve the ever-changing needs of their customers.


Serving over 20,000+ restaurants in 35 countries, Restroworks’ platform is designed to keep you ahead in everything you do, from the front to the back of the house. Its unified dashboard gives the team a complete view of your operations so you can maximize growth opportunities.


As the F&B industry prepares for a comeback after the second wave, restaurants are fundamentally re-imagining how they do business – digitally and through technology – to keep their operation running smoothly, improve their bottom line, and continue serving their customers. Restroworks has expanded its customer base in markets like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the last year. Today, Restroworks serves leading restaurant brands globally, including Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr, Jamie’s Italian, Haagen Dazs among others.


Keeping product innovation and customer-centricity at its core Restroworks has released a set of new products like Direct-To-Consumer stack with features like QR code ordering, website online ordering, and WiFi-based ordering to assist fine-dine and cloud kitchens deliver seamless guest experience while maintaining high-quality standards.

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