Cloud Kitchen Management Software

Get end-to-end control over your orders and visibility into your cloud kitchen operations


Optimize your cloud kitchen for success

Restroworks’s cloud kitchen management software is built to optimize your processes, kitchen operations and deliveries to increase your revenue.

Connect Integrations

Connect to a wide range of third-party integrations, including food aggregators, logistics providers, loyalty, payments, and more.

Manage Multiple Brands

Create distinct tabs for multiple brands and manage them by logging into one central panel. Readily accept orders for each brand and track them from a central hub.

Online Ordering

Build your own online ordering platform for commission-free orders. Get complete control of your online orders and customer data. Reduce your dependency on third parties with a strong online presence.


Order Management

Manage the entire order-taking process from a central hub with the help of Restroworks’s Call Centre Panel and direct them to the outlet nearest to the customers.

Inventory Control

Keep a track of the stock requirements of your cloud kitchens. Set reorder levels and set reminders to order, so that you never run out of an item.

Loyalty Program

Restroworks’s Loyalty Program lets you create visit-based Loyalty Programs to encourage repeat visits. Create outlet-specific or regional offers that can be run across multiple outlets.

“Restroworks is a fully integrated platform with almost every aggregator which helps us to accept orders from the platform seamlessly and improve our delivery time and accuracy.”

Eldose Madott

Founder & CEO  |  Melt & Roast

Third-party Integrations

  • Restroworks allows seamless integration with Third-Party applications 
  • Connect to a wide range of integrations including food aggregators,  logistics providers, loyalty, payments, and more
  • Let your customers reach you on multiple channels without any disruption

Intelligence & Enterprise Reporting

  • View real-time order status and daily sales of your Cloud Kitchen right from your mobile phone
  • Keep a track of your Cloud Kitchen’s business from anywhere
  • View daily sales, total bills generated, promotional offers, and more


    Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


    Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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