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Make your kitchen the profit hub with inventory management

Get real-time inventory insights for making smarter decisions with our cloud-based restaurant inventory software.

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All-in-one solution for tracking, organizing,
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Faster Implementation & Migration from Legacy Systems

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of cost saving in inventory, raw material and sourcing 

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 improvement in operational efficiency

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Why leading restaurants are moving to Restroworks

Recipe and ingredient control

Facilitate recipe creation with precise ingredients.
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Streamlined supply chain

Manage inventory, reduce waste, & enhance supply chain with our indenting solution.
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Base kitchen management

Simplify central kitchen inventory and stock control with our automated inventory management.
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Seamless integrations

Easily connect with leading financial tools.
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Support for all back-of-house operations

Simplify back-of-house, catering, and sales tasks effortlessly.
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Integrate with tools of your choice

400+ Global integrations at your fingertips.

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Industry Rating

Restroworks is the
leading enterprise restaurant management software, empowering businesses to improve efficiency and focus on what matters the most: serving great food.
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Ease of Use

Easy to use, powerful restaurant management software.

(8.9 industry avg)
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Quality of Support

Enterprise-grade support, tailored to your business needs.

(8.4 industry avg)   
Source: G2

Ease of Setup

Restroworks is easy to implement and use, even for the most complex restaurant operations.

(8.8 industry avg)   
Source: G2

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Earlier, the stock management tool that we were using didn’t show us data in real-time. It used to take one full day to fetch data. With Restroworks, we are able to check this data in real-time to place orders for raw materials efficiently.

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Sumit Arora

Head of IT, Taco Bell (India)

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With Restroworks You Get

Live tracking

Monitor your stock levels in real-time to avoid theft, overstocking or running out of inventory.

Offline connectivity

Keep track of your inventory, even when you're offline. Easily sync your data when you're back online.

Mobile app

Our mobile stock app makes it easy to track your inventory, even when you're not in the restaurant.

Custom templates

Create custom print templates for your invoices, receipts, labels, and reports to fit your specific needs.

24/7 support

Get 24/7 live chat support to keep your business running smoothly.

Restroworks has a wide range of additional
capabilities, designed to meet your every need.

Restaurant staff operating POS System

Restaurant POS

Solve all your menu management, billing, and delivery challenges in one place.

Chefs preparing food in a restaurant kitchen

Base Kitchen

Have full control of your base kitchen with our central kitchen management solution.

2 chefs looking at a recipe book while preparing food in a restaurant

Recipe Management

From pantry to plate: master menus, minimize waste with Recipe Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a restaurant inventory management software?

Restaurant inventory management software is a digital solution designed to help restaurants efficiently track and manage their inventory. It enables restaurants to monitor ingredient levels, track stock movement, automate purchase orders, and generate reports for better inventory control and cost management.

How does a restaurant inventory management software help with inventory management?

Restaurant inventory management software assists with inventory management by providing tools to track ingredient levels, monitor stock movement, automate purchase orders, and generate reports.

What are the benefits of using a restaurant inventory management software?

Using a restaurant inventory management software offers benefits such as improved inventory accuracy, streamlined ordering and restocking processes, reduced food waste, better cost control, enhanced forecasting, and increased operational efficiency.

What features should I look for in a restaurant inventory management software?

When selecting a restaurant inventory management software, prioritize features like inventory tracking, purchase order management, recipe/menu management, reporting/analytics, and POS integration. A user-friendly interface and mobile access are beneficial. Scalability and integration with accounting software are also important considerations.

Can a restaurant inventory management software integrate with POS systems?

Yes, a restaurant inventory management software offer integration with POS systems. POS integration allows for real-time inventory updates, automated adjustments based on sales, and streamlined data flow between the two systems.

How much does a restaurant inventory management software cost?

The cost of a restaurant inventory management software vary based on features and the size of the establishment. Prices typically range from $50 to $300 per month, with some options offering custom pricing.

Can a restaurant inventory management software track food costs and profitability?

Yes, restaurant inventory management software can track food costs by calculating the cost of ingredients used in recipes and menu items. By integrating with sales data, it can provide insights into profitability by analyzing cost margins and identifying high and low-profit items.

How does restaurant inventory management software help with waste reduction?

Restaurant inventory management software helps with waste reduction by providing accurate real-time inventory tracking, enabling better control over ingredient usage and minimizing overstocking.

Is a restaurant inventory management software user-friendly for non-technical restaurant staff?

Yes, restaurant inventory management software is designed to be user-friendly, even for non-technical restaurant staff. It typically features intuitive interfaces, simplified data entry methods, and user-friendly navigation to facilitate easy adoption and use.

What kind of training or support is offered during the implementation process a restaurant inventory management software?

During the implementation process, restaurant inventory management software providers typically offer training sessions to familiarize users with the software’s features and functionalities. These sessions can be conducted through on-site training, webinars, or video tutorials, depending on the provider.
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